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B> Leveling service....

Post  DeadSunrise on Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:15 am

ok guys my acc has bugs....means the chars gets damage ¬¬... so i will pay somebody make 1 for me...means? :

i need: 9x chars (255 or course)

i Pay: 2 tokens per char means 18 tokens....

to the person choosen....:: i will give the name of the ID and the name of the Chars I want...the password doesent matter cz i will change it after he / her finish anyways....he/her will use his items...since i dont know the pass of the acc u will be sure i wont scamm u and common its me? i wont scamm you.... other thing...the person choosen will be in how many time can he/her finish the acc in the less time possible....ok guys cyah

and btw leave here the time it will take u...im not joking ok...cyah

Maybe im dreaming that im dreaming..maybe im dreaming im alive maybe a God is playing with me...to this prision called Life.. [img]

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